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Surfaces for Outdoor Stonescapes

AGL Surfaces introduces – Idyllion – a timeless line of large format stone slab products specifically engineered for outdoor use. We offer product options that are a full-body material made from 100% pure minerals and completely silica free.

AGL Surfaces provides large format exterior slabs created to endure the wear and tear of the outdoor climate

The Ultimate exterior Slab for Any Climate

AGL Surfaces is proud to offer the industry’s first certified sintered stone slab curated for outdoor landscaping. Idyllion stone slabs are an impervious durable stone surface that enables creatives to take interior living spaces into the outdoors with modern patterns, textures, and high-performance features due to its advanced sintering technology.

Our exterior sintered stone slabs can withstand the wear and tear of the outdoor elements of any climate, and eliminates all concerns of durability. Our 100% natural and ultra-compact products empower architects, designers, and contractors to fulfill their clients’ visions with the knowledge that your work will withstand the test of time.

Natural Stone

AGL Surfaces has partnered with like-minded innovators in the stone industry to bring an engineered stone that is 100% natural, silica-free and suited for a lifetime outside in all environments. By eliminating additives, resins, and outdated manufacturing processes, our Idyllion stone slabs are the best natural stone material that humans can find. Our certified sintered stone slabs are a green product that leaves a positive, lasting impact in their native environment: the outdoors. 


AGL Surfaces offers a solution to harmonizing your indoor and outdoor spaces by creating the ultimate large format exterior slab that can take your interior design and continue it into your outdoor landscape.

Hardscaping knows no bounds with AGL Surfaces’ Idyllion engineered stone slabs, an impervious hard stone surface for unlimited exterior use in landscaping. Seamlessly blend curated indoor spaces with your outdoor landscaping design with innovative, modern patterns, textures, and extraordinary capabilities only possible with advanced surface technologies.

AGL Surfaces brings to market what landscaping has long been missing: a versatile large format surface engineered to endure the challenges of the outdoors and craft memorable stonescapes.

AGL Surfaces' Large Format Pavers allows for seamless designs and a luxurious look with our exterior slabs.

Large Format Slabs for The Outdoors

Elevate Your Outdoor Oasis with

AGL Surfaces’ Idyllion Stone Slabs

Transform your outdoor space into a haven of luxury and durability with AGL Surfaces’ exterior-grade sintered stone slabs. Our innovative slabs are meticulously crafted for outdoor use and designed to withstand the challenges of diverse climates and outdoor elements. Unlike natural stone, concrete, and traditional tiles, our versatile surface solution breaks free from limitations, offering unparalleled opportunities for your outdoor designs.

AGL Surfaces’ sintered stone slabs are the perfect choice for all your stonescaping needs. Whether you’re envisioning stylish exterior pavers, durable flooring, outdoor kitchens and barbecues, sunken firepits, structural cladding, privacy panels, or dividers, our slabs provide the ideal solution. Embrace the freedom to create unique and functional outdoor spaces that stand the test of time.

Create seamless poolscapes with AGL Surfaces' large format exterior slabs to seamless blend your pavers with your pool coping.

Project Inspiration

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Keeping Nature In Mind

100% natural materials, perfected by innovation. AGL Surfaces prioritizes the well-being of our planet by using environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, eliminating toxins and synthetic compounds from our products, and minimizing our impact on the environment. Embrace nature in your designs with a  product that aligns with your values.

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