Outdoor Flooring

Step into a world of unmatched sophistication and durability with AGL Surfaces’ cutting-edge exterior sintered stone flooring solutions. Elevate your outdoor spaces with surfaces that redefine excellence and transform your vision into a reality.

AGL Surfaces provides large format exterior slabs created to endure the wear and tear of the outdoor climate

Elevate Your Pathways

Craft a landscape that captivates with our premium Idyllion outdoor flooring solutions. Whether you’re designing a grand entrance, a serene garden path, or an expansive outdoor terrace, our exterior slabs provide the perfect foundation for your outdoor haven.

Design Freedom with Seamless Integration

Create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces with our exterior sintered stone slabs. Whether it’s connecting your living spaces to the garden or framing a picturesque view, our surfaces integrate effortlessly, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your property with a sleek, modern look.

A Tapestry of Textures and Tones

Choose from a diverse palette of textures and tones that harmonize with the natural surroundings. Our outdoor flooring slabs seamlessly integrate with any landscape, allowing you to create a customized outdoor space that reflects your style and vision.

Weather The Elements

Engineered for Endurance

Our Idyllion sintered stone paving slabs are engineered to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. From relentless sunlight to heavy rain, our materials resist fading, warping, and deterioration, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain vibrant and appealing for years to come.

Unrivaled Durability​

Experience the epitome of durability with our exterior paving slabs. Designed to endure heavy foot traffic and the impact of the elements, AGL Surfaces’ sintered stone products maintain their integrity, providing a long-lasting foundation for your outdoor lifestyle.

Low Maintenance,
High Impact

Spend more time enjoying your outdoor spaces and less time on maintenance. Our sintered stone exterior flooring is not just a visual masterpiece; it’s also easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to savor the beauty of your surroundings without the hassle.

Cut To Perfection

Experience landscaping design like never before with AGL Surfaces’ cutting-edge Cut-To-Size services. The latest innovations in large-format ultra-compact surfaces, combined with our first and only cut-to-size surface technology, empower visionaries to create outdoor living spaces personalized to their client’s needs with designs that stand the test of time.

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Ready to transform your outdoor living spaces? Consult with our experts to explore the possibilities and discover how our exterior flooring solutions can enhance the beauty and functionality of your landscape. Elevate your outdoor experience with AGL Surfaces! Contact us today.