Outdoor Kitchens & BBQs

Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with AGL Surfaces’ ultimate exterior sintered stone surfaces, meticulously engineered to bring sophistication and resilience to your outdoor kitchens & BBQs. Discover a new level of luxury and endurance, transforming your al fresco dining space into a haven for culinary enthusiasts.

Culinary Sophistication Meets Outdoor Durability

Unleash Culinary Creativity

Craft a culinary masterpiece in your own backyard with Idyllion engineered stone surfaces for outdoor kitchens & BBQs. Elevate your grilling experience and unleash your culinary creativity against a backdrop of enduring elegance.

Stylish Outdoor Kitchens

Design outdoor kitchens that embody both style and functionality. Our surfaces provide the perfect foundation for countertops, backsplashes, and more, adding a touch of luxury to your outdoor cooking space without compromising on durability.

Engineered for the Elements

Heat-Resistant Innovation

Our exterior sintered stone surfaces are engineered to withstand high temperatures, ensuring that your outdoor BBQs and kitchens remain as resilient as they are beautiful. Say goodbye to warping and discoloration and hello to a cooking space that stands the test of fiery grills.

Easy Cleanup, Enduring Beauty

Enjoy the convenience of easy maintenance without sacrificing aesthetics. Idyllion stone surfaces are not only a visual delight but also easy to clean, allowing you to focus on the joy of cooking and entertaining without worrying about the aftermath. Our non-porous surfaces are anti-microbial and will not absorb oils, be stained by acidic organics, and eliminate cross-contamination after a quick clean between prepping ingredients for exquisite culinary delights.

Design Versatility, Maximum Impact

Customization for Outdoor Elegance

Choose from a range of textures, colours, and finishes to create a customized outdoor kitchen that suits your style. Our sintered stone surfaces provide the design versatility you need to make a bold statement while complementing the natural beauty of your outdoor surroundings.

Seamless Integration

Harmonize your outdoor BBQ and kitchen with the landscape seamlessly. Our surfaces effortlessly integrate into your outdoor space, enhancing the overall aesthetic and creating a cohesive, inviting atmosphere for outdoor dining and entertainment.

Cut To Perfection

Experience landscaping design like never before with AGL Surfaces’ cutting-edge Cut-To-Size services. The latest innovations in large-format ultra-compact surfaces, combined with our first and only cut-to-size surface technology, empower visionaries to create outdoor living spaces personalized to their client’s needs with designs that stand the test of time.

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Ready to transform your outdoor cooking space with the ultimate in exterior sintered stone surfaces? Consult with our experts to explore the possibilities and discover how our surfaces can bring enduring beauty and sophistication to your outdoor kitchens and BBQs. Elevate your outdoor culinary experience with AGL Surfaces! Contact us today.