Idyllion is a timeless large format stone slab product specifically engineered for outdoor use. We offer product options that are a full-body material made from 100% pure minerals and completely silica free.

Colours & Patterns

Browse through our gallery of colours and patterns available in our Idyllion Stone Collection.

Custom Cut Large Format Slabs

Elevate your design by transforming our 5′ x 10′ stone slabs into any size or shape with our Cut-To-Size services. Choose any of our exterior sintered stone slabs and have them cut to perfection. Break free of predetermined sizes and bulky pavers with AGL Surfaces’ large format exterior stone slabs.

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Trust the landscaping experts to bring you the ultimate outdoor stone for your landscaping and exterior creations.

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100% Natural Materials

AGL Surfaces has partnered with like-minded innovators who prioritize the well-being of our environment and proudly offer 100% natural sintered stone slabs for your outdoor projects.

All of AGL Surfaces’ products are completely free of toxins, harsh chemicals, additives, and PFAs without compromising the integrity of the large format slabs. 

Click below to learn more about our sustainability efforts.

AGL Surfaces provides sustainable, eco-friendly building materials for outdoor use. Our sintered stone large format outdoor slabs are 100% natural for your green projects.



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